I have questions about diversity & inclusion in the financial sector

Did you know that a team consisting of men and women of different ages and cultures makes better decisions than a homogeneous team in 87% of the cases? So diversity and inclusion are definitely worth an investment.

But how do you get started? What does an inclusive work culture mean? And can you, as an individual, make a contribution? These are all important questions we want to answer for you. On the basis of four themes, we explain a number of crucial issues and provide you with concrete tools so that you too can play a part in more #InclusionInFinance and get started yourself.

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Unconscious bias, what’s that?

Everyone has (unconscious) prejudices and these have an impact on your decisions. Our brain has evolved to be able to make quick choices. And that’s efficient, especially when you have to process a lot of information and make complex decisions. It’s good to think more often about the way you think. If not, you risk overlooking talent, quality and originality.

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How do you create an inclusive work culture?

An inclusive work culture pays off. Not only because diverse teams make better decisions, but also because they produce a wealth of ideas, opinions and solutions. However, it's not just a matter of recruiting diverse talent, but also of keeping it.

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How to create an inclusive panel?

In diversity lies knowledge and expertise. No #InclusionInFinance without inclusive panels. That means bringing together people of different genders, ages and origins.

How the F*AQ do you do that? Find out via this link.


What does inclusive leadership look like?

Inclusion is everyone's responsibility, but someone has to set a good example. As a manager, you’re faced with the challenge of recognising all the talent in your team and getting that talent to work together in a pleasant atmosphere. Definitely not easy. But the results are worth it!

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What are microaggressions?

That well-intentioned joke that didn't have the expected effect? Maybe it was a microaggression. And then your colleague has already heard that annoying remark countless times. Microaggressions often happen unintentionally and unconsciously, but they do have an enormous impact.

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I need more tools.

Want to invest in more diversity and inclusion? For sure you do! Inclusive companies are more innovative and have a closer connection with their clients. Of course, this is easier said than done. That's why we have developed an e-book with lots of tools to help you get rid of unconscious bias, promote an inclusive workplace culture, support inclusive leadership and to learn how to deal with microaggressions.

What can I find in the e-book?

  • 25 useful tools for CEOs, team leaders, HR staff and anyone working in the financial sector
  • Background information on the different themes
  • Inspiration for more #InclusionInFinance

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